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Saturday, August 9, 2014

People Loving People Auction; a unique spin on a yard rake.

Every August in our little town we have an auction. It's called, People Loving People.  The money raised from the auction, goes to feed the surrounding families in our area, on Thanksgiving day.

For the last two years, I have been asked if I would donate a craft that they could sell  at the auction.  However, giving the time frame I never got to participate.  This year I got asked again, and had enough notice to be able to put something together! 

So on my trip to the world largest yard sale (more on that later). I made sure to keep my eyes peeled for any objects that I could buy, in order to make my rake project that I found on Pinterest.  Sure enough, I found a lady who was selling rake heads for $5.00 a piece.  I now wish I had bought them all! Because this beauty, took me less then an hour from start to finish!

It was super easy... 
First, I gathered up all my supplies: 
-a bucket of warm water
-grapevine garland 
-your choice of fake leaves, greenary, flowers, and berries 
-a rake head
-floral wire and floral cutters
-ribbon or fabric to make a bow 

I actually followed the advice of the blog  below.  

She said that she soaked her grapevine garland over night.  I just soaked mine in really hot water for about 5 mins..  My garland was already good and broke in, from being wrapped around my Christmas tree for the last two years. 
After the grapevine was ready to use. I thought I better make a way to hang the rake. I took some floral wire and made a loop, pulling the wire through where the rake head had once attached itself to the rake handle (The tube) .

Next, I started cutting the grapevine to the length I needed it and then began placing it around the rake, and  then through the tube. 
After that, I  fanned my florals ( I had three different bunches)  and arranged them the way I liked.  I managed to stick one of the stems from the bundle, inside the tube. The other two stems, I placed on both sides of the tube and wrapped the remaining floral wire used from making the hanger, twisting the wire together till it felt secure. 
The bow I made, and attached it to the rake w/ more floral wire. 
I can't wait till Monday when I give it to the host of the People Loving People Auction.  Let's hope that it brings in a  lot of bids, so it will feed lots of families this Thanksgiving! 

But for now,I think I will enjoy it on my front door.  So what do you think? I would love to hear your comments!