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Sunday, July 13, 2014

A kids toy, turn bookends

Hey everyone!  I know it has been entirley to long since my last post. Here recently I have been reading lots of blogs and I have really missed all this creative energy! In looking back at some of my old posts, I came across this picture.       
                                   When I bought theses little guys I new what I wanted to do w/ them. I wanted to paint them white and turn them into book ends. I will never forget the day when my friend came over with her three kiddos,  her littlest one was just learning to walk. I had one of the giraffes on the coffee table. I guess the temptation just got the best of the little guy. The next thing I know, the giraffe was flying through the air and landed on the floor!  My friend immediately begin apologizing. I just started laughing!  I knew what she was thinking. She was wondering why hadn't the giraffe broke?  I then told her that I bought the giraffe for a dollar.  It was in the toy section at Walmart.  The white spray paint however made it look high end.  I later asked my bosses husband if he would make me to bookends from some left over pieces of wood. Now my giraffes have a permanent place to live.                                                     

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I just shipped my pants this saves my big gas problem...

Hey guys!  The other night my husband brought to my attention this cray Kmart commercial . After I watched it. I just knew I had to share it with you is so funny! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. So from one twisted mind to another...I hope you don't ship your pants laughing! 

If you liked that one you love this one. I can't wait to share this one with my husband. Haha!

Monday, September 30, 2013

I See You Baby, Checking Out My Drawers!

Over the weekend I got the paint bug! Awhile back my husband called me and said

Noah- Hey what are you doing?
Me- Nothing. You?
Noah- Jill has a dresser she is giving away. Do you want me to bring it home?
Me- (In my head) Oh Lord, another dresser! What are these people trying to tell me. We have four dressers already.
Me- What does it look like?
Noah- Uh...its brown.
Me- Seriously...How many drawers does it have?
Noah- Four. I'll just bring it home.
Me- Okay!
Me - (In my head) I'm going to kill my least I will have plenty of drawers to hide all the body parts in!

Noah comes home and to my surprise he brings home a jewel! My frustration has suddenly disappeared. I have now turned into a giddy school girl! Squeal!

Noah then looks at me and says, "I'll take that as a yes?"
You bet your bottom dollar that's a  YES! Get that baby off the truck and into my bedroom! ( I assure you this post will be kept P-G.) 
Isn't she pretty? Hey Crystal! Looks a little like yours? Don'tcha think?



After I finished the blue dresser. I had to find another place to put the dresser that Noah picked up.
I thought the empty spot in my living room would be perfect.
I then found this pretty piece on  Pinterest
(source unknown) And I copied it!                        
I first used a product called Next Liquid Deglosser. I just put a little on a clean dry rag and wiped all of my drawers down.

I got this at Lowe's and I have used this product for many projects. It works great! I love that you use this and not sandpaper.
Then I applied a thin quick coat of primer. I used Kilz interior oil base.
After drying I used Valspar latex enamel interior/exterior  Gloss White.  (I did 2 coats.) Allow drying time in between each coat.
Then I used Minwax WATER based polycrylic. The oil base WILL TURN IT YELLOW! I learned this from the blue dresser! YIKES!
And that was it. Empty space. Be gone! What do you think?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Hate You...I Love you!

Every little thing about this dresser has been awful!  Even writing the post about it has been a pain in the WAZOO. It took 2 days to get the pictures up, and they're still wrong!! I hopefully will tell you about the process...but for now I am letting the pictures do the talking. I am so over this post already! If you have any questions about the primer, paint, top coat, or drawer liner please ask. Otherwise you may never know. Because I just may throw this stupid computer and the dresser out the door. Okay maybe not the dresser, because it's finally finished. BUT the computer I'm still debating! GROWL! I hope you enjoy the eye candy.

Monday, September 9, 2013

I have a CRUSH on you!

Hey guys! I've got great news...I'm finished with the bloody dresser  and I am completely convinced that this is the dresser from H-E-double hockey sticks! But she gorgeous. I don't have pictures yet. It's still drying.
 I wanted to share with you my "inspirational photo". I must confess. I have a little crush, on this bedroom. Doesn't this bed just make you want to take a flying leap. Just so you can land smack in the middle of all its goodness! No? Just me? I know my room want look like this, but hey a girl can dream!
I just love all of the colors in this room. I must find some monogram pillows like these. And who new that leopard print bench would go so well in this room?
My paint color for my dresser came from the blue in this pillow.  

                                 I hate to run, but I have a bedroom calling my name. Ciao!

Friday, September 6, 2013

A hundred years ago...and the blue turned yellow!

Back a hundred years ago I asked for your help. I asked for you to vote on what color I should paint a dresser. This dresser. It was a wreck! I sanded her down and then used it for I don't know, about a zillion other projects. I got white spray paint all over it and had to sand it again.

Next came primer. Then paint. Then I tried to seal it...and then it turned YELLOW. I hate to say this, but I going to. I was PISSED! (sorry mom) But I was! Needless to say, surprise, surprise, this project still isn't done. I ended up with a sinus infection, that lasted for three weeks. My husband said I had inhaled to many fumes.

Here it is all pretty and blue.

These handles I spray painted gold. I just love how they look!

I hope to finish this project this weekend. But who am I could be next year! Wish me Luck!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Living Room

Okay so lamp in the picture was free (Thanks Jenn). The rug was $60.00 from The brass coffee table I think it was $40.00. Mirror on the wall T.J. Max $25.00.
Mirror on the table was $5.00 from Goodwill. The candle was a Christmas gift (Thanks Amanda). 


Frames came from Target prices vary. Art work free. Dog $5.00 came from Ross.
Well  I hope you enjoyed the living room it is still a work in progress. The B was from Hobby Lobby it was around $1.49.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Brand Spankin New!

Hey guys! So awhile back I had been looking for a cain back barrel chair. After about a month of searching I found one for $70.00 at an antique store . I was not at all happy about the price, but it said FIRM. What's a girl to do? Well, this girl sucked it up...and shelled out the $70.00 bucks they were asking for. The chair was in really good condition, but it smelled a little funny. It had a sweet, smokey smell to it. I know, weird right? I took the chair apart gave it a good cleaning, and a shot of primer. Then a couple coats of white spray paint. The fabric used to redo the cushions was a curtain panel that I bought from Lowe's. I think the coast was around $22.00 . The left over fabric I may use to make a few throw pillows (for the couch). All in all, I really love this chair. BUT it was an expensive project. So what do you think? I promise to have a few pictures of my living room tomorrow...I PROMISE!




Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What do 3 gals have in common? They all have their very own blue Macaw!

Today when I arrived home I opened the screen door and almost tripped over my new RUG! Yes! One rug down (no pun intended). The other one...well who knows, where its at? Oh what a glorious day! So what did I do?  I started singing and dancing, of course. "I'm so excited! I got my new rug!I'm so excited". Like it? I call it, "I'm so excited, I got my new rug song". Very catchy don't you think? I have to say, the green in the rug. And the green in the curtains, didn't match. But they still work. I can't believe how fast it came. I wonder where the other one is? Oh well! Maybe I will be surprised AGAIN, tomorrow. I also won my EBay bid.

My friend, Crystal, from 29 Rue House (link below). Has a beautiful home. And in her beautiful home. Lives a parrot vase, that I absolutely had to have! So I went on EBay and won my very own set. That's right I have 2! I am going to name them Rocco, and Rio. However, one of my little guys will be flying the coop. I have another special friend in blog land. Her name is Mary. You can find her over at  Lip Gloss and Flats. And I am going to give Rio to her! Surprise Mary! I hope you like him! If you don't care send your address to me at and I will make sure you get him A.S.A.P. He just has to make it to my house first, and hopefully in one piece!
I have to say thank you to all my readers! But I have to give these two girls a very special shout out! I am so glad to have met you both! My sisters from other misters! You two are awesome! And to all you others out there. If your not reading their blogs...well shame on you! Because they're fabulous and your missing out!

Tomorrow I hope to shoot a lot of pictures of my living room! Hey, a girl has to show off her new RUG! I hope you guys have a great week! See you soon!☺

 29 Rue House

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Here a RUG. There a RUG. Every where a RUG, RUG!

Well guys if you haven't heard RUG is the word. I can't even begin to tell you how long I have looked for a rug! Like Smalls said in the movie The Sandlot. FOREVER!! So I went on to and man what a SALE! I was so excited...I bought 2! I could NOT make up my mind. REALLY? REALLY?  And guys I am CHEAP!! It's about ridiculous, how cheap I am. But this was a great deal I got 2 (5x8) rugs with FREE shipping, for a grand total of...$145.60! And if the sale price wasn't enough to shout about then let me tell you about the additional 10% off  that I saved using a coupon code for being a first time customer! I mean come on. Did I just hit the mother load, or what?

Now I just hope they look as good as they do on my computer screen. This part, makes me really nervous!

Well, what do you think? Did I score,
or what? Which one do you like best? Now I need throw pillows! 

I got the curtains...