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Friday, September 6, 2013

A hundred years ago...and the blue turned yellow!

Back a hundred years ago I asked for your help. I asked for you to vote on what color I should paint a dresser. This dresser. It was a wreck! I sanded her down and then used it for I don't know, about a zillion other projects. I got white spray paint all over it and had to sand it again.

Next came primer. Then paint. Then I tried to seal it...and then it turned YELLOW. I hate to say this, but I going to. I was PISSED! (sorry mom) But I was! Needless to say, surprise, surprise, this project still isn't done. I ended up with a sinus infection, that lasted for three weeks. My husband said I had inhaled to many fumes.

Here it is all pretty and blue.

These handles I spray painted gold. I just love how they look!

I hope to finish this project this weekend. But who am I could be next year! Wish me Luck!