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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Zombies or Bust...

You don't smell rotten...I thought a corpse was suppose to smell rotten? Hey guys! So my niece and I had a girls night out. And what do 2 gals do, when they get a night out? They go see a romantic, brain eating zombie movie, of course. After we survived all the blood love and gore...we headed to Home Goods and scored on a few items! Like this new bust statue for a steal of a deal for only $16.99. However, I hate the color! I want my bust to have more of a Jersey Shore tan...that's right orangie glow! Is that even a word? Orangie? Oh well if that is clear as mud...then I will make it easier for ya! I want my bust to look like the one below. See how pretty she is! So I got some spray paint, and I hope it works. I want it to look a old and a little wish me luck. I'll show you guys pictures of my before and after even if it doesn't turn out as planned. Also, my dresser I hope to be finished with this weekend...fingers x'ed! Also a special shout out to all my bank ladies, who believe in me...I love you guys!

love the color of statue