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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Irreplaceable...what matters most to my heart!

These pictures hold some of my most prize pocessions. The picture of the bracelet that has the name Gracie on it. Was given to me on Father's Day... I know that seems pretty weird. But it was a gift in remembrance of my daughter.  I wore this everday to help me cope. It was like I always had a piece of her with me. Also when I was having a bad day...the beads would always catch the light some how and it would reflect the most beautiful sparkles!!! Kinda like she was saying..."Mom, don't be sad, I am right here!".
The silver frame with the flower paper is another treasure of mine. The flower paper is actually a card that was given to the hubs and I on our wedding day...with a sweet blessing. The notebook paper with the heart on it, is something that my husband brought back from when he was serving in Iraq. The paper has Geesha ♥ Noah wrote in Arabic. When he gave it to me I cried! It's funny how something so small, can mean so much.

 The black frame, is a picture of my grandparents. The car tag has the year 1949 on it. I believe this picture was taken while they were still dating. How cool is that!

So what means the world to you?