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Sunday, February 24, 2013

You Can Kiss My BRASS...Goodbye! (Before & After)

Hey guys! So I am completely over the moon! Remember my ($30.00) brass coffee table? Yeah, the one that after 4 hours of pure torture. I still came up with, "A BIG HOT MESS"!
My steps were:
 Brasso & a toothbrush.
Then, for the legs. A soak in a mixture of water, vinegar, & salt. 
The glass top, got a good shot of Windex.
However, this piece was just to far gone!
Next, comes out the inspirational photo's.
Then, what does a girl do...?
(In my best Austin Powers voice)
She breaks out a can of GOLD baby!
So after a few coats of  "GOLD" spray paint...
I've got myself one heck of an amazing piece! I then threw a few things together and called it, DONE SON! BOOYAH! I also managed to put some Easy Sliders, on my table and the coasters (I did awhile back). I mean really, where do I find the time? LOL!


 Isn't she BEA-U-TI-FUL?

From green, to brass, to GOLD!
Well guys, I hope you liked my Before & After. My friend, Allison picked up our owls yesterday. Hopefully, I can show you all the end result soon! I also have ANOTHER project, "IN THE WORKS".
Guess what? It involves more spray paint. Geez! I might just die from all the fumes I have been breathing in here lately!
 I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend! See you soon.☺