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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another Video...Is That All?

Push play. Now read! You'll get the picture...

 Well as you all know, I have been in my house for 10 months now. And we have NO curtains. At all, in ANY room! Until now! And to be honest, my husband is so excited, he could do cartwheels!  He hates Saturday mornings...because when you step out from the CAVE, I mean the bedroom. Your blinded by the light!
So me and my mom took a little trip to Hobby Lobby and found these beauties! Green chevron curtains they where only $32.99 a panel...but since they still had a 50% off sale sign that they forgot to take down. They still honored it. So we got 4 panels for $65.98. My husband is going to put them up this weekend. We may not even need 4, but I would rather have to many then not enough. I mean, I can always take them back, or use the fabric for another project...or two!

I also went local to a goodwill store last weekend. There I picked up this vintage looking needlepoint. It was framed and very dirty, but i used a Pinterest cleaner on it and Voila! It came out so fresh and clean!
.50 for the needlepoint

 I got this print,and this print too for .50

So that is a big whopping $1.50. I also got 2 frames and a plastic elephant. I then went to Wal-Mart and bought to plastic giraffes. Got those for a Buck a piece!

I am doing a project with these little guys as we speak.

I also got this urn/planter for FREE! The lady from the thrift store said it was trash (are you kidding me?) and was going to throw it away. So me and my mom snatched it up, quick, fast and in a hurry! I made the topiary tree for $30.00. It definitely beats the one I skipped on for $99.00 (it was on sale too). Here is another Topiary. Then I went to the Dollar Store and bought a $5.00 mat.

I also saw this thing on Pinterest and just had to try it. Here is mine. It's JUST an orange that has olive oil in it, and that's all. No wick! No nothing! Pretty cool! Lasts about 45 mins.

So I guess that's it. Oh wait, one more thing...

This picture is a little weird. I do have a thumb, I promise!
Yeah, I burned the fire out of my arm. And you will never guess what on. A HAIRDRYER!
So what have you guys been up to?