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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mr. T would even" PITY THE FOOL"...

What up fellas? Remember when I told ya, "I made a purchase, that I just couldn't wait to show ya"? Well, Ta-Dah! I went to a little place called the Farm House #2, and found this little gem...and for ONLY $30.00 bucks!

Okay, so this is brass. Brass meet Brasso!
4 HOURS LATER...and this is the best I could do?
 Anyone who tells you brass is easy to clean, IS LYING!!! Oh and by the can tell "THAT" person, that I said "TO GO KICK ROCKS!" I guess sometimes you just have to let bygones be bygones. Yeah, I caved! I threw in the towel...and spray painted her GOLD! I know, I know! It's brass, BUT  I was tired of beating a dead horse! So don't judge me. LOL!
Now comes the inspirational photos.
Don't know the source...but ain't she fabulous? LOVE...LOVE...LOVE!

And this...from  Honey We're Home. Beautiful! So do you want to see mine?
                                                               Then stay tuned....

Peace out Homies!