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Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Couple of 1st's...

Hey guys! Today I had such a great day! My friend Allison and I kicked off our Saturday by going to downtown Morristown, TN. There we had lunch at a little hole in the wall place called, The Jersey Girl Diner!  The philly cheese steak is tongue slapping G-O-O-D!

After lunch, we walked about 4 doors up to a place called, The Pink Pig Pottery Studio. Here we spent about 2 hours of  de-stressing. I'm telling ya, painting pottery is better than Calgon! We  both picked out this super cute owl plate. I can't wait till next Saturday, when we get them back.(I'll be sure you guys see the finished product.) We had a blast, but the fun was just getting started!

The Pink Pig Pottery Studio

Then we went and watched the knee slapping movie, Identity Theft. This movie is absolutely hilarious! I loved all of the throat punching action! 

I also can't wait to show you guys a purchase I made on Friday!
So have you all went to any cool places lately?