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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A beaver walks into a salon...

Okay not really! BUT
 Hey guys! So I was at the "family" salon gettin my hair did! When I was walking out the door. I was looking at a few magazines. My cousin, Amy. (Lord love her heart. Is so funny! I think we really are twins. That were separated at birth.) Well...she was like "I have to show you this ad". My other cousin Cindy, (which is Amy's sister) came running up to us with the magazine. The ad is for Playtex feminine wipes. You know, for when you are not feeling so fresh!

Source Playtex
Having trouble reading it? Well it says, "A CLEAN BEAVER ALWAYS FINDS MORE WOOD"
Ha! Ha! Then I got to looking on the internet and found these:
A polished knob always gets more turns

A clean peach always gets picked

A clean pecker always taps it
(Source Playtex)

So what do you guys think? Any opinions? I would love to know what you guys think. I think it's funny! But I guess I'm a pretty immature 31 year old! Hey, I'll be 32 in May. You guys have a great day...