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Sunday, January 23, 2011

You gotta

Hey everyone! Well to put it sweetly, I am tired!!!!! I know I have not been on top of my game lately....I have missed a whole week here in blogland, and to be honest I have not even read the first post of any of my dear followers. I must apologize...I want be mad if no one leaves me a comment...I would completely understand! I think this last trimester is going to kick my butt!

This week I got my hubby busy....we have not even started on the baby's room. AH! It was a mess we had been using this room as you can imagine! The hubby bought us a storage barn awhile back and it's feeling up fast....we are down sizing next week! CAN YOU SAY GOODWILL!!

Ok so here is the carpet, your outta here!
White dresser I plan to re-use in the room...see the carpet, YUCK! 32 years least!

More PINK carpet, and lots of totes!

Bye, Bye carpet....hello, dust!!! The dust was so thick....hubby left tracks!!!

New floor...pretty!!

one more shot!

no blinds

Quick fix $2.00 each @ Big Lots!!

I really wanted a nice table lamp...

We found this one @ TJ Max for $39.99...thought we hit the jackpot...then found one at Kmart with no lampshade for $14.00 .  This one just had a little more bling Hey I could go back and get the one from Pier One it was a 159.00!

Oh and don't be mad all my kindred prims, but.... we are going modern for the baby's room and BLUE?????
Ok so I am really not 100% sure on the colors: Blue, brown, beige, green, and white....will see!
By the way I really found this really nice chair for 20.00. I didn't buy it, I didn't have the if it is still there next week...I guess it's just meant to be!!!! Keep your fingers crossed!