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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Be Mine Valentine...DECOR!

This is so cute! KISS a frog & you may find your princes!

I love this...I am getting an idea!

Well I wish I could take credit for these two creations, but I can't! I don't know if these pictures are copyright... but if they are, I will be glad to remove them! However, I must say that if you are the creator of these fine treasures I want you to know...they are adorable!!

As everyone knows Misi was having a Valentine chain and I wanted to be part of the action... but the truth is I just took all my Christmas stuff down Uhmm...yesterday! Yeah, I thought it would be all packed up this weekend...but where I did some thrifting this year and got some really good deals. I had to much stuff, and not enough totes to put  them away in! Oops! So I had to make a little trip to the dollar store during my lunch hour at work.

Also we, I mean I, got snowed in this weekend and was given strict orders that I was not allowed to leave the house...period! My husband said that he has seen my driving,  and that Iwouldn't make it 5 feet in that mess outside (the snow & ice)  before I would end up in a ditch some where!

He had drill this weekend so...I spent all my time well on the computer looking at blogs and dreaming of ideas! And that's when I ran across those adorable crafts!

I hope to put my Valentine's day decor up real soon, and then I'll post a few pic's... but till then I have enjoyed admiring every ones pretty things, out their in blogland...Thanks Misi for such a great idea, I believe it worked! I got lots of inspiration looking at y'alls V-day decorations!
What a neat picture!