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Sunday, January 9, 2011

I think a bomb just exploded...totally random post...BLAH!,BLAH!,BLAH!

stHey guys and dolls...well today is a totally random post...lots of pics, lots of crafts, 2 crazy dogs and 1 very explosive bomb! 
Ok where to begin...OHH! I know PENNY RUG! I have wanted to learn how to make one of these for a year now and I just got tired of not knowing how and YouTube it...Nothing! So after sight, after sight. And blog after blog I found a video...I need video. I am a show me kinda of gal, and  then show me again...and again...ok NOW let me have a crack at it! I was so excited...I was jumping, screaming...Lord I was ready to shout HALLELUJAH! Noah who was on the couch...just started laughing at me when he saw me start shaking my BOOTY and doing my little "I did it" cheer! I love learning something just makes you feel good...knowledge really is power!  Click here for tutorial!

my first penny rug!
 OK getting way of track here, but you get the point I was HAPPY!

Now my house looks like a bomb went of inside it! We live in a 70's model trailer and we have NO ROOM! So a few items out and you have a natural disaster on your hands!
Kitchen/Craft Table...hey a girls gotta craft some where! LOL!

yes, my Christmas decor is still out but will be put up today...we left ours up till Old Christmas was over Jan. 6th

whatta mess!
Totally random I have 2, 4 legged babies...Jed and Elly. In this picture Elly looks so funny!

I think the flash bothered her eyes...LOL!

And last but not least I had two candle holders just laying around and some clear stickers... hey what can I say,I got bored!

I'm thinking maybe something for Valentine's Day!
Well thanks for stopping by! I hope you liked this crazy, messed up post, but Hey it's me...what can i say!