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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Peek-A-Boo, I Sort of See You!

Hello my fellow Kindred Primitives...Well I know it has been awhile since I last posted, but I have been busy lately! Since the last time we have chatted I have worked a 40 hr week, went on a date with my husband( yeah! love date night), saw two movies (Due Date and Tangled... I give both movies a 2 thumbs up!), had  another Dr.'s Apt., done a lot of dishes, to clothes, to you name it...and a little bit of crafting! WHEW...I'm tired!

Ok so today it snowed... and it snowed good by the morning we should have 4 to 6in. of snow....if the weatherman is correct! (I hope he is...hee, hee!) 
I have had my computer on all day today and in between doing 2 loads of dishes and now on my 5th...yes I said 5th load of laundry...(good thing it's just me and my husband for now! LOL!) I have been reading every ones post and making new friends...I have enjoyed looking and reading at all you have to share! Some 2x's!!

Then when I got a moment  this week and today...I crafted some. I worked on a few old spoons  (I'm still not done) but here is a few pics of them...need to grubby this bad babies up now! 

Also no worries I have been working on my little cabinet with the fake drawers, but it is going to take me awhile I am doing it white and it is taking a  few more coats then I thought.  Then after that's finished I am going to make it look old by staining and distressing it...I hope it turns out I am actually really nervous about it, my white projects tend to FAIL! (Boo)

I also had a GOOD REPORT this time at the Dr.'s...the new BP pills are working great and with fingers crossed I will share with you all next year the babies sex...LOL!  (Jan. the 4th)...I could do a give away/ guessing game...will see!

also hubby had drill this weekend and he came home all pooped out...I think I see him

Hubby buried in all those covers...LOL!

Like my pic...its a charm I got this week...the other side said "Gotta love a good garage sale!" I had to have it...