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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I asked..."How was your day?", He replied..."I got summoned for jury duty!"

Hey all! Well my hubby told me he got a summons for jury duty today in the mail...and guess what day it's on?   Yep, you guessed it...January the 4th...Ha Ha!  It is on the same day... (and time) when we are supposed to have the ultra-sound that tells the sex of our baby! Noah, my husband said he wasn't going to show... in court. I was like, yes you are!  Failure to appear...could result in being held in contempt,or being fined up to $500.00 plus court costs! Trust me he is going to court...I'll just re-schedule! It's not the end of the world! I believe our little sprout wishes to remain anonymous until his or her big day...LOL!

Ok also I finished my spoons like 3 days ago...just didn't post them.  Also, I have had a spoon holder forever and have never put it up...just never have found the right place for it yet
I think they turned out pretty good...

close up!

one spoon before...another spoon with a black  base coat

Here they are painted...after I painted them I distressed , stained, and grubbed them up with modge podge and cinnamon. Next I sprayed them with a clear coat (matte finish).