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Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Snowing....I'm Thinking A Indoor Project

Hello y'all! Well being prego the first place I head off to in the mornings is the bathroom....I went down the hall and rounded the corner  to be smacked in the face with a million Snowflakes coming down outside my bathroom window!!
 I had planned on doing an outside project today...but hey, I have lots of projects so I think I'll stick to an indoor one...BURR!!!

Me and hubby took a little day trip to Kentucky and on the way back we stopped at this little hole in the wall antique shop, right on the side of the mountain. I found this little piece for $22.00!

Ok with every project that I do, I always run it by the BANK GALS....(The BG, like me love anything and everything to do with Prims, or projects.) So one of my co-workers, Pat took one look at this little ticket, fell in love with it and said, " I'll give you $30.00 for it, as is....I had to politely refuse. She then said, "You know it's worth more with out paint, you are just going to ruin its value." who?  If I keep this piece and do nothing with it, but just leave it to collect dust, then its value is worth nothing. Right? You can't put a price tag on something that makes you happy....Money isn't everything....doing something you love....priceless 
love the drawers, but wait...

it opens...