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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Batteries...New Blood Pressure Pills...NO MORE TEARS!!

So yesterday was a a bomb....we won't go in to it! I"ll just tell you we won't know the sex of the baby until the end of December. "Why?", you ask Dr. said so, that's why. (And I guess that is suppose to be good enough).  Oh well, I guess he knows best. He also gave me some new BP pills, THANK GOD!! I was going nuts...also my BP was still high, this time the highest it has ever been 164/106.  For all you lucky people out there who have never had to deal with high BP problems and don't know what is normal...1st congrats, I hope you never have BP problems. ( I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy) 2nd the normal BP is 120/80, and honestly I think that's considered high normal these days. So needless to say I was an emotional wreck. CRYING all over the place!! BLESS my husband! I know he will receive a crown in heaven, for just putting up with me!  He really has been great through all this!! So moving right along....I am glad to report that I got new batteries for my camera, in order to show off my new creation! My primitive snowman hat is finished....WHAT DO YOU THINK!!! I LOVE IT!!!

The way I made my hat was by taking a empty Planters peanut can and cleaning it out. I then took some Modge Podge and used a sponge paint brush and coated it well....I took some black material and wrapped it around the can and pressed for a few seconds working the wrinkles out so the fabric would lay smooth.

The one I made!

I then reached for a dinner plate and a piece of cardboard that I had found and traced the plate to make a template.  I then took some scissors, cut it out and applied the Modge Podge and fabric to it again smoothing out the wrinkles I hot glued the back of the fabric to the other side just to be safe.  Then I hot glued both pieces together. After that I tied some fabric around for a bow and hot glued it to...then got some styrofoam pieces and stuffed the top with it. I bought a candle and some greenery and went to town decorating how I wanted...and TAH...DAH! A Primitive Snowman Hat!

Example one I found

Front view