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Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am such a pansy!

When I came home on Thursday I felt  fine. Then around 8:00 that night I started hurting. Well I hurt ALL day Friday...a few times the cramps even brought tears to my eyes...nothing major, but I WAS GETTING NERVOUS! And it's my first child, I'm clueless! I hadn't felt the baby move all day, and the pain was not real bad, just uncomfortable! ( for example- if a needle would prick you once, no big deal! If a needle pricks you all day long ...need I say more?) When I would walk or bend down it would get worse. So on my lunch I called April, my sister-in -law and asked her what she thought...she called a nurse and she said we should come in just to check. I did not want to leave work. I think my poor manager didn't even eat lunch and we had a girl leave early already. Another girl was on vacation, so it was going to leave them really short handed! So I told my S-I-L not to worry. If I felt like I needed to go, I would call her back...well around 3:00 I called her back, told her to find my hubby and come get me...Fear of the unknown was getting the best me of me (I told her I'm sure, every thing is just fine but I wanted to be sure!). So needless to say my hubby got to me 1st, he was probably making 90 down the 4-lane! And on to the hospital we went...

A nurse came in asked me a million and one questions and checked  me out .  She took my blood pressure and put monitors on my belly.The Doctor then came in and told me I was fine, that  my ligaments were just stretching and that it was completely normal! So needless to say...I was glad it was nothing and that every thing was normal, but know I just feel like a PANSY! Oh well ...I have a feeling if I go into labor naturally...then I am going to wait till I am on my hands and knees, crawling...before I even think about going to the hospital! 

By the way if my mom reads this I'm sorry I didn't call need to worry...nothing was wrong! LOVE YOU MOM!