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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ask And You Shall Receive!

Lori this is your masher!!

Hello all! I hope everyone is ready for Christmas? I am not completely done...I seem to get it all done at the last second! Well I don't know if you all know but I won the Giveaway that Lori from theblackcrow had put was the three stockings and a tree skirt! I was so happy to have won! (I don't have either...stockings or a tree skirt, and thought it would be perfect to stocking for hubby, one for me, and one for our baby to be...of course next year!) Whenever I found out that I had won... I was making breakfast, for dinner in the kitchen. Hubby was on the couch reading a newspaper in the living room. I had just put the biscuits in the oven and started to heat up the skillet on the stove to scramble some eggs.  I then turned on the computer to check out every ones blogs.  I was looking at my side bar reading all the post titles when I read on Lori's We have a winner and a partridge in a pear tree/pie...I got bummed, (I know...really sportsman like of me!) I thought someone from A partridge in a pear tree blog won...LOL! This is how dumb I am! But I kept reading and found out the winner was me! I about died...I have never won anything in my whole life! I then begin to scream with joy...however, my husband must of thought I was sreaming for another reason  (like our dinner being on fire...but it wasn't) because he came running into the kitchen, asking "What's wrong? I then had to explain that I had won a giveaway!  So needless to say I am very excited and can't wait to post pictures of the prizes on my blog! I also found out that Lori has a thing for 3's....she has two mashers and needs a 3rd one. Well guess what? I found one for her! So Miss Lori your search is over...If you you will send me your email, I will be glad to send you your very own 3rd masher! 
I will post a picture of the masher tonight...but right now, I am on lunch and at the library posting...HEHE! See Lori, I am that excited!!

Merry Christmas All!
My winnings!!