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Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Will it be a BOY, or will it be a GIRL?" !!

So tomorrow me and hubby are off to our baby doctor apt. to hopefully find out what our bundle of joy will be! I think we are both pretty excited...To put it best we act like a couple of kids waiting to open presents on Christmas morning! If I do find out I am going to have to call about a million and one people before lunch...I think my whole family is on pins and needles!! I do hope one thing happens tomorrow though...I hope they tell me my blood pressure is ok and that their is no protein in my urine...yes I am dreading the possible word, "preeclampsia" . Lets hope for a good report!

I also wanted to show you all something...I came across this photo this weekend, I love this old hat... it's so cute! So I  tried my hand at making a similar one...but I still need to go get a light. So hopefully after I get the light and a new set of batteries for my camera, I will be able to share the end result...just in case you want to make one too! Prim Blessings!