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Monday, September 30, 2013

I See You Baby, Checking Out My Drawers!

Over the weekend I got the paint bug! Awhile back my husband called me and said

Noah- Hey what are you doing?
Me- Nothing. You?
Noah- Jill has a dresser she is giving away. Do you want me to bring it home?
Me- (In my head) Oh Lord, another dresser! What are these people trying to tell me. We have four dressers already.
Me- What does it look like?
Noah- Uh...its brown.
Me- Seriously...How many drawers does it have?
Noah- Four. I'll just bring it home.
Me- Okay!
Me - (In my head) I'm going to kill my least I will have plenty of drawers to hide all the body parts in!

Noah comes home and to my surprise he brings home a jewel! My frustration has suddenly disappeared. I have now turned into a giddy school girl! Squeal!

Noah then looks at me and says, "I'll take that as a yes?"
You bet your bottom dollar that's a  YES! Get that baby off the truck and into my bedroom! ( I assure you this post will be kept P-G.) 
Isn't she pretty? Hey Crystal! Looks a little like yours? Don'tcha think?



After I finished the blue dresser. I had to find another place to put the dresser that Noah picked up.
I thought the empty spot in my living room would be perfect.
I then found this pretty piece on  Pinterest
(source unknown) And I copied it!                        
I first used a product called Next Liquid Deglosser. I just put a little on a clean dry rag and wiped all of my drawers down.

I got this at Lowe's and I have used this product for many projects. It works great! I love that you use this and not sandpaper.
Then I applied a thin quick coat of primer. I used Kilz interior oil base.
After drying I used Valspar latex enamel interior/exterior  Gloss White.  (I did 2 coats.) Allow drying time in between each coat.
Then I used Minwax WATER based polycrylic. The oil base WILL TURN IT YELLOW! I learned this from the blue dresser! YIKES!
And that was it. Empty space. Be gone! What do you think?