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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What do 3 gals have in common? They all have their very own blue Macaw!

Today when I arrived home I opened the screen door and almost tripped over my new RUG! Yes! One rug down (no pun intended). The other one...well who knows, where its at? Oh what a glorious day! So what did I do?  I started singing and dancing, of course. "I'm so excited! I got my new rug!I'm so excited". Like it? I call it, "I'm so excited, I got my new rug song". Very catchy don't you think? I have to say, the green in the rug. And the green in the curtains, didn't match. But they still work. I can't believe how fast it came. I wonder where the other one is? Oh well! Maybe I will be surprised AGAIN, tomorrow. I also won my EBay bid.

My friend, Crystal, from 29 Rue House (link below). Has a beautiful home. And in her beautiful home. Lives a parrot vase, that I absolutely had to have! So I went on EBay and won my very own set. That's right I have 2! I am going to name them Rocco, and Rio. However, one of my little guys will be flying the coop. I have another special friend in blog land. Her name is Mary. You can find her over at  Lip Gloss and Flats. And I am going to give Rio to her! Surprise Mary! I hope you like him! If you don't care send your address to me at and I will make sure you get him A.S.A.P. He just has to make it to my house first, and hopefully in one piece!
I have to say thank you to all my readers! But I have to give these two girls a very special shout out! I am so glad to have met you both! My sisters from other misters! You two are awesome! And to all you others out there. If your not reading their blogs...well shame on you! Because they're fabulous and your missing out!

Tomorrow I hope to shoot a lot of pictures of my living room! Hey, a girl has to show off her new RUG! I hope you guys have a great week! See you soon!☺

 29 Rue House