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Monday, January 21, 2013

She's got LEGS. She knows how to STAIN them!

What's up you wonderful people? So I have BIG news! I can cross off  #14 on the o' resolution list. I was so excited when my mom bought me this awesome footstool, for only $3.00. It had a hole on the top and some pretty gross looking legs! But hey, it has potential!

I first started the project by taking the legs off and putting them aside. Then I brought out the wire cutters...because that's all I had, but hey it did the trick! And boy, did I pull the staples out...Geez!

Then I took the casters off and they where gross...but with a little T.L.C. I mean C.L.R., they shine up like a new penny.

Then I sanded down the legs. I liked the natural look but, I had an idea...

              That's right...I added INSTANT COFFEE and a little water, and Voila! I got stain!!!
I guess all legs look a little bit better with a tan! LOL! Then to seal deal, I sprayed them with a clear gloss.
I had my mom sew the piping took forever! 11 joke! I really thought my mom was about to throw her sewing machine out the door. The fabric was so think, plus adding the piping...the needles kept breaking. Next time, I am just going to fold and staple and then do a nail head trim! Just saying....
 With that said, my mom still did a fabulous job! I love you mom...sorry I kept you up till 1:00 in the morning.
 Done...and less than $20.00