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Thursday, December 27, 2012

NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS as everyone knows, 2013 is fast approaching and I am already thinking about some New Year's resolutions. So here are a few things that I would like to accomplish before 2014.
Since I am going to be 32 this year...I thought why not 32 GOALS!

Numero Uno. Lose 60 pounds! Okay, really... I had to start with a WEIGHT goal! (LOL!)

2. Whiter teeth...I really want a pearly white smile. Can you say "CHEESE!"

3. To have curtains up in my living room...I have lived here for 7 months already, and every Saturday morning I get up, go to the living and SQUINT! I can hearit now the Manfred Mann's Earth Band singing..."Blinded by the Light!"

4. To get all of my junk drawers (I have 2) and filing cabinet CLEAN AND ORGANIZED!

5. To wear my seat belt every time I get into an automobile....I know, I know!


7. To stop PROCRASTINATING...on everything!

8. To plan a date night at least once a month with my husband.  

9. To have at least 200 blog followers!! Come on, you know you want to join...PLEASE!

10. To stick with my crafting party!

11. To be able to play an actual church hymnal on the piano.

12. To have me and the hubs picture taken together professionally.

13. To be able to wear my wedding rings again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14. Reupholster the thift store stool, that I paid $3.00 for.

15. Redo my dresser, that my mom got me!

16. To own a wardrobe that I am proud of...complete with Jewelry and handbags!!! (because I don't ever carry a handbag or wear jewelry, and I secretly want to)

17. To wear a sexy dress with high heels again. How much are those shoes with the red bottoms?

18. To cook a holiday meal for my whole family...fingers X'ed.

19. To travel to some place I have never been.

20. Try to pay my car off.

21. To befriend someone new.

22. To wash my face every night! Lord, I have a lot of bad habits that I need to break.

23. To get at least one of the guest rooms finished.

24.  To send more greeting cards, when people have birthdays, or an illness, etc.

25. Go on a vacation with MY HUSBAND!

26. To get my nails done...more than once a year!

27. Pray more! (get comfortable praying out loud)

28. TAKE VITAMINS. yuck!

29. Actually USE my elliptical for at least 30 mins. / 5x's a week.

30. Try new recipes.

31. Start $aving MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

32. Try and accomplish as many as these goals as possible!!