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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hey! I like your hat!

Hey peeps! So if you remember, the other night...I was talking about the $5.00 gift, for the Christmas party. Well I made a snowman hat. The bottom was a "free" used pizza box. The top part of the hat, was an old flour canister. I had my husband cut it down to size. I had greenery already on hand, and  material to make the bow (free). The flour canister with the plug-in candle cost $.82 at a thrift store. I also picked of some moss looking stuff for a $.25, and some felt material for a $1.00. Don't you just love thrift stores? I bought some epsom salts for $.88 at Wal-mart. The styrofoam, is what cost the most. However, I got 3 uses out of it. ($5.88/3=$1.96) The glue, was less then $4.00.  Plus the wrapping was free...the girls at the U-Save drugstore, hooked me up!!! In the end, the hat was a big hit. I even had a few orders put in! What was the best present you ever got, playing Chinese Christmas?


an order!