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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A~Z, all about me...what a good idea!

I saw the A~Z post on several different blogs...loved the idea and wanted to make an  A~Z list too!!

A~Age: 30
B~Bed: Queen size used to be a water bed, we got rid of the H20 and the headboard from 1970 and found an old fireplace mantel...looks so much better!
C~Chore you hate: I hate washing dishes and putting laundry away!!! YUCK!
D~Dog: I have 2 blood-hounds one boy name Jed and one girl name Elly they are brother and sister and where born on Valentine's day!
E~Essential start to your day: I gotta have my Jesus music!!
F~Favorite color: goes with everything and makes you look slim!!
G~Gold or Silver? I am a silver gal...but gold is making a comeback!
H~Height: I am only 5'4. I  blame my dad!
I~Instruments you play: I play a little piano.
J~Job title: Bank Teller
K~Kids: 1 baby girl in Heaven, Katherine Grace "Gracie"
L~Live in: East Tennessee. Good Ole Rocky Top...Rocky Top, Tennessee!!
M~Make of car you drive: 2009 Chevy Cobalt, gray...his name is Howard!! I name all my cars!
N~Nicknames: O where do I papaw gave me the nickname Goose. Gee, is what my cousin Brandy calls me. My aunt Sue has always called me Gosha. To my mom and my nephew I am known as sissy  and when he hears my real name "Geesha" he looks around and says "whose that Sissy?".  My husband calls me Woman...and when he says my name I know I am in trouble!!! I think that's all of them! LOL!
O~Overnight stays in the hospital: several when I was younger, I had bad kidney problems and was given the wrong medicine. Then when I had my daughter.
P~Pet peeves: People who drive 5 miles an hour.
Q~Quote from a movie: "Ruby Thewes, you are a C-a-t-a-s-t-r-o-p-h-e!"  ~Cold Mountain.
R~Right or left handed? Right
S~Siblings: 1 younger brother, Glen.
T~TV shows: I love Jerseylicious, but my husband says I lose brain cells every time I watch this show! Kendra, Pan Am, NCIS, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, and Extreme Couponing.
U~Underwear: Most definitely!! I wouldn't say granny panties...but I am not going commando either!
V~Vegetable you hate: Beets...Oooh  shew!
W~What makes you run late: Me, Myself, and I! I can never find my keys! Did you know the average person spends 6 mins a day looking for their keys...that's 36 and half hours a year! Oh and fallen trees.
X-X-rays: None!!
Y~Yummy food I make: Jacob my nephew thinks I make yummy cakes!
Z~ Zodic sign I am a Taurus...stubborn as a bull!!

Well I hope you enjoyed my A~Z.