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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wow...that was a GREAT DEAL...I love Q-pons!!

Wow...can you believe this? I got all this for $28.57  $10.12 !

6) 10.3 fl oz bottles of dishwashing liquid
1) 4.25 oz bar soap
1) 24 oz soft scrub
1) 45 oz container of butter
 9) Large rolls of toilet paper (however this I was a little upset with...I know it's crazy but I could have got a 12 large roll but...I couldn't find it anywhere...until I seen A GREAT BIG display as I was exiting the building!!! If it had been a would have bitten me!!!
But I was still happy with my GREAT DEAL!

I had 6 Q-pons for my soap 3) were $.25 off
3) were $.50 off the soap was $.99 with value card   $.99 x's 6 = $5.94 - ($2.25 in Q-pon savings) = $3.67

The bar soap was $.99 with value card and w/ a  $.30 Q-pon it was $.69

soft scrub was $1.99 w/ value card I had a $1.00 off Q-pon making the total only $.99

and the butter was a 1.99 w/ v.c. and I had a $1.00 off Q-pon making it a steal of only $.99 too!

The toilet paper was 4.99 I had a  $3.00 off BIRTHDAY Q-PON (hey turning 30 did have a upside after all! LOL!)  plus I made a dollar on this item so it can be used the next time I go shopping!! (Wait did I just get paid to shop...???
I SAVED $18.45