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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Tutorial on the candy bar cake and the flower pot arrangement!

Donna A.K.A One simple girl had asked me if I would do a tutorial on the candy bar Donna are you ready? Here we go...

-your favorite candy bars (regular size, fun size)
-paper mache box/boxes (round or square) or a flower pot (I found my planter at Wal-mart in the garden section for $2.00) The container could be used to hold a gift, or use the gift as is and apply the candy bars around it.
-hot glue gun
-scotch tape
-duct tape
-wrapping paper for covering your base (optional)
-shredded paper (any color...I used 1 bag for each project)
-rubber bands (helps if you have assorted sizes)
-ribbon ( I used 2 different kinds, I like wire ribbon for the main one and one w/out for layering)
-styrofoam or flower foam (this will go in side of your container)
-a knife for shaping foam (if needed)
-skewers (if you do a flower pot look green spray paint or crafter's paint/brush)
-a piece of cardboard >  This needs to be bigger then your container/sturdy (I went to my local pizza place and asked them for a unfolded large pizza box)
 -2 decorative curly-Q ribbons (for each project)

  1 step: BASE

Take your cardboard and wrap it with wrapping paper (you will want to have a pretty base,

be creative...there is no wrong way)

Here is my cardboard wrapped in blue wrapping paper

Here I didn't wrap my cardboard  but hot glued shredded paper to it to make it look like grass.

2nd step: CONTAINER

I used paper mache box/es for one project and a flower pot for the other.

I didn't wrap my paper mache boxes, I liked the solid brown color...but it's your choice.

If you decide to use the main box as a actual gift, you will need another (empty) box for the second layer. The 2nd box is needed so you can stick your candy skewers on top.

Set your container on your finished base.

Put the floral foam or styrofoam in the container that you will put the skewers in . NOTE: You will want the foam level with the top of your container.

Next you will need a big rubber band to go around your base this is what will hold your candy bars in place. You put your candy bars behind the rubber band so you don't have to glue them. The person receiving the gift doesn't want to be fight with getting the candy off, they want to eat it!


you can loop your rubber bands together to make one big rubber band like this...

Now that you have a rope looking rubber band and you have reached the desired length you need. The next step is to tie the two ends together so you can put it around your container(Making the one big band).
NOTE: make sure your band is not to tight around your container/base or you want be able to get your candy bars behind it.

I tied the two ends of my (rope) rubber band together, by taking another rubber band and placing it through the two ends and making another you tail(not important just hide it).

Now that you have one big band and it's securely around your container It's time to start placing the candy bars behind the rubber band. (so the candy bars are behind the rubber band but in front of your container (so that they are sandwich in between)).

The ribbon then goes around your candy bars hiding your rubber band. NOTE: cut your ribbon a little longer.
If you layer your ribbon hot glue them together before putting it around your container

I used duct tape to secure the ribbon to the band (duct tape is strong and you don't need a lot of it either)

Then hot glue the excess ribbon to the ribbon. For a more finished look you could hot glue a button or a bow to the ribbon (I didn't have a bad because I got a little carried away with the hot glue)

If you are doing 2 boxes follow the same instructions 
Just remember to leave the lid off the top box so you can put your candy skewers in it.
Also when you stack your 2nd box to the 1st box you may want to secure the two of them together, if so use a few pieces of rolled up duct tape!

You will then do your top layer of your box like the top part of the flower pot arrangement...

If you are doing a flower pot arrangement you might want your skewers green to give them a stem like I painted mine with a green crafter's paint, but spray paint would work just fine too!
(I did not paint my skewers in the box arrangement)

see the green skewers

I then did another layer of shredded paper on top of the floral foam. I did hot glue this as well.
Next you will want to start sticking your candy bars to the skewers with duct tape (again the tape is really strong, so it will hold well and you want need a lot it) you can use mini candy bars or the regular size ones (I used the mini's for the flower pot, and the reg. sizes for the cake/box), its just what ever tickles your taste buds!

I then start inserting my candy skewers into the floral may have to break the skewers to get the different types of heights...I did however mirror the front arrangement to match  the back side so you would not be able to see the duct tape!!!

To make the curly Q skewers I just peeled the sticky label from the curly Q ribbons and rolled them onto the skewers, using a little duct tape to secure it so it wouldn't slide you could use clear scotch tape as well. 
I then stuck them in the middle...

And your done!!!