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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BLINK...BLINK...BLINK...ok where is it...I know it's in here somewhere!

Hey guys! First of all, Linda (Parker's Paradise) I mailed your package today so be on the look-out for it!! I hope it arrives in one piece!

Ok so last night I was sitting on the couch when all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye the christmas tree had caught mt attention.  I asked my husband (who is sitting beside me) I said did those lights on the tree just BLINK...he was like "DUH, they have been doing that ever since you put the tree up!". I was like UH NO! I then got up from the couch and made my way to the 1 strand out of 6 that was blinking. I looked all around, up and down, inside and out of the tree and guess what...No BLINKING light bulb with the red tip was to be found...last year, the tree had the same lights and they didn't BLINK! I don't get it? I thought maybe the strand has a short in it so I moved then up and down and you guessed it all around and they still BLINKED...with no cause of a short...I just don't get it...but I do know it's a pain in my rear! I can't take it's killing me...LOL!! It reminds me of when the power would go out and the green clock on the VCR would BLINK, BLINK, and no one ever new how to rest the darn thing!! LOL!

By the way I am so excited I was looking on Craigslist and found a baby crib for $75.00 it turns into a day bed and comes with bedding and a mattress...and get this it was only 13 miles away from my house. I did go and take a look at it and it was in pretty good shape! It had a few marks, but nothing deep...I had bought a pack of those furniture markers awhile back but I don't think I have the right colors they seem to always turn out to dark on things...Maybe I 'm doing it wrong, I would appreciate any ideas or suggestion on how to fix dings, or scratches! So hopefully I can go pick it up tomorrow...what do you all think is it a good deal? The lady said as far as she knew it had never had a re-call problem and she said she paid around $400.00 for it. I am a first time mom so any comments would help!!!

Well everyone I hope you have had a blessed day!  and with that said I'll see ya soon!